Since 1956

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My father opened the garden nursery in 1956, well before I was born.
As far back as I can remember, I worked the earth alongside him. Agricultural engineer and former horticultural teacher, he passed on his knowledge and passion for plants to me, a young boy disillusioned with school and it's restrictions.

At the age of twenty, I decided to branch out on my own and I started up a small gardening company that involved brushcutting, tidying up and planting. Above and beyond these jobs that I knew well, I also discovered a real pleasure in the exchange with my various clients.
This has remained my driving force throughout all these years: giving new shape to a garden, discovering the wishes of the owner and bringing them to life in order for their garden to become their favourite room in the house!

In 1983 I hired my first employee and this evolved with our expanding business, reaching 15 staff by 1986.
I then took over the reigns of the garden nursery and started searching for plots of land to house our burgeoning business. In 1989 we set up on the zone that we still occupy today, on the road leading to Saint Tropez which offers us excellent visibility and allows me to showcase my passion for exceptional plants and trees. After all, they have been our strength over the years.

In 1990, I launched a design office which today is composed of 4 landscape architects who imagine the gardens of tomorrow. The company thus took on a new dimension and employed over 50 people: architects, gardeners, site managers, project supervisors.. some of whom are still at my side today and are celebrating their 20 or 30 years with Derbez.

Since then, we have continued to develop with the creation of a company dedicated to garden maintenance including plant health treatments that are essential to this activity.
Alongside this, we recycle our green waste and transform it into topsoil.

In 2016, we celebrated our 60 year anniversary surrounded by the now hundred staff who make it all work on a daily basis.

I will leave you now to discover or rediscover our team throughout the site, as well as our most beautiful plants, our enchanted gardens and various expertise...and who knows, maybe you'll come and visit us sometime soon?

Enjoy the walk...

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