Our logistical service

Our logistical service is an important and sensitive part of our work that requires a specific fleet of mechanical equipment: fork-lift trucks, tractor-trailers, lift machines... We complete over 700 deliveries per year...

The loading of our plants and trees onto a lorry is a crucial step and depending on size only two or three are loaded at a time in order to preserve the frame, shape and natural beauty of the species.

The decision of how to transport and package our plants and trees depends on their size and shape: wooden tub, tub for larger roots or a container.

The work involved in preserving the root ball and transfering to tub remains extremely delicate and is carried out by a qualified team with over 20 years experience.

It involves transplanting our exceptional plants and trees depending on their size and in such a way that will guarantee their revival once they reach their final destination. The technical work consists in digging out the root-ball, the size of which is calculated depending on the circumference of the trunk.

The finishing touches are carried out manually with the help of a spade to delicately cut the roots. Next we make the tub from wooden planks called staves and wedges that are assembled in a precise order. All of this is then held together by an iron strapping, nailed into the wooden tub.Before taking the tree out, we encase the tub in strapping to avoid it becoming deformed and breaking at the crucial moment of loading.

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