Exceptional plant and tree varieties

The nurseries span over a total of 50 hectares throughout Europe today (France and Spain), 30 hectares of which can be found in the South of France, split up over several sites; Gassin, Grimaud, Cogolin and La Crau.

Stockists of mediterranean plants of excellent quality, our exceptional plant and tree varieties represent 80% of today’s stock.

A team specialising in the preparation and cultivation of these remarkable species travel throughout France and Europe looking for unique varieties to add to our collection.

Zones dedicated to stocking these exceptional species allow them to be re-planted for any time between one and five years. This allows for root regrowth and a smooth adaptation to their new surroundings.

What you will find on sale is the finished product, completely healthy and perfectly shaped.

800 different varieties and over 20 000 plants. 3500 olive trees on exhibition, over 30 different types of palm tree resulting in 5000 on exhibition...
Trees such as the umbrella pine, fig tree, mulberry tree, plane tree, carob tree, oak tree, eucalyptus... None of which go out of fashion and last a lifetime. A collection of citrus trees and plants are also at your disposition as well as shrubs, conifers, exotic trees, topiaries, hanging plants, perennial plants, aromatic plants or indeed grass...

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