Our team

In the design office and under the supervision of Jean-Marc PUPETTO:

Fanny Chaboud: Qualified architect with a Masters in Mediterranean Landscaping from the university of Grenoble
Cécile Massé: Landscape engineer from the ENSNP University in Blois
Guy Perrin: Landscape designer and winner of the « Meilleur Ouvrier de France » title
Sylvain Bastide: Designer from the International School of Design in Toulon
Yléna Wenger: Project painter, watercolourist


A site Manager, David Epain, supported by 6 site supervisers, 2 team leaders, 4 heavy vehicule drivers, machine operators and agricultural labourers

In-house garage:

Two mechanics in charge of maintenance and upkeep of the fleet of engines and vehicules belonging to the Derbez group

Team Garden 4
Tream Garden 2
Equipe Jardin 6
Team Garden 3
Equipe Jardin 9
Equipe Jardin 2
Equipe Jardin 5
Team Garden 1
Equipe Jardin 7
Equipe Jardin 8