General garden maintenance

Grass-cutting, scarification, ground-ventilation, soil additives, hoeing, weeding but also the shaping of plants and shrubs, digging of plantbeds or the clean up of various areas.

    • Shaping generally takes place in Autumn or Winter during the dormant period. Certain plants and trees may need shaping in spring or summer. The bonzaï form, an increasing favourite among our clients, is not easy to achieve and the shaping begins as soon as the plant is first touched.

    • Weeding is a hands on job which, depending on the size of the area and its surrounding environment, can be topped off by plant-health treatments

    • Thorough clean-ups are necessary for the flower beds, terraces, pathways and carparks which are first raked to clear away the majority of the leaves, branches etc and then blasted with air in order to leave the ground as pristine as possible

    • The hoeing of flowerbeds is essential for the necessary ventilation of the ground, a more effective penetration of water, fertiliser and additives but also to render your garden more aesthectically pleasing.
  • In our region with its mediterranean climate, grassy areas require particular and very regular attention.

    We recommend :

    • Mowing the lawn once a week during summer and winter if need be, including all corners and borders that give structure between your plants and grassy areas.

    • Scarification in order to eliminate the growth of moss.

    • Coring and relining in order to maintain density and encourage the regrowth of grassy areas

    • Plant-health treatments whether they are preventative or introduced as a possible cure depending on sickness and the time of year

    • Soil additives that will gently fertilise